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CallME! Click-to-Call -- Features

State of the art Click-to-Call service that lets you customize every aspect of your clients contact experience.

CallME! Global Call RoutingGlobal: CallME! routes any number of concurrent calls to any country and network, mobile of fixed line over a network of call servers based in USA, Europe and Asia using premium quality crystal clear phone lines at rock bottom rates.

CallME! CSS TemplatesCSS templates: The CallME! front-end (the Click-to-Call form) is based on a CSS template. With the CSS styles any look & feel can be designed. You can add fields for name, email address, user comments or just have a single phone number input field and a call button. You can either select on of the provided style templates or create one yourself.

CallME! Full ControlFull control: CallME! can be set-up for just one country or allow the user to select their country. You decide who can call you and when they can call you by setting your business hours. Outside business hours you can choose to let the CallME! button disappear from your site or you allow web visitors to leave you a message.

The Click-to-Call form and either open in a new window, display as a modal on top of your pages or integrate as an iFrame in your we pages. You decide where to use what or use multiple methods depending on the functionality of the web page.

CallME! PrivacyPrivacy: CallME! is the perfect tool to keep the location of your contact center private or receive calls on your mobile phone without publishing your mobile number. You decide which number shows up as caller ID. The system makes to calls, one to the client and one to your contact center and connects those calls in our call server. Clients never see where the other call leg is terminated.

CallME! RoutingCall Routing: You sometimes run into sites of international operating companies that provide dozens of (Toll Free) phone numbers for their locals markets. Click-to-Call can replace this confusing forest of phone numbers with one FREE call back button or can route world wide calls to different departments.

CallME! Value for MoneyROI: The decision to add the CallME! service in your web site is not about money. It is about how serious you take your web site and visitors. Making it easy to contact you and providing a FREE call back to prospects will always grow your conversion rates. The is no set-up cost, no monthly or annual fee, you just pay for the cost of the calls through a pre-paid account. Top-up $50 or more and go. Even a couple of new clients per month will easily pay back your investment.

CallME! SecuritySecurity: Click-to-Call is prone to abuse. CallME! is the result of years of research and development in this field to make sure that abuse of the service is minimized and CallME! only connects real prospects or clients to your contact center.

CallME! Customized FeaturesCustomized features: You are missing a feature? Just contact us! We do custon design for our clients at very competitive rates. Sometimes a feature is already on our roadmap and we just ask you to top-up your account to make sure our efford is not wasted.

CallME! Text to SpeechText-to-Speech: We integrated a Text To Speech (TTS) service that includes on the fly the name and other information about your caller in the voice prompt that you hear before you are connected to the person who has requested the call. When you answer the message tells you who is calling and what they are calling about: 'CallME! is about to connect you to John Smith. John Smith is calling you from the click-to-call features page. Press star to accept this call.'.

CallME! Google Analytics and Adwords IntegrationGoogle Analytics and Adwords: CallME! integrates with your Google Analytics account and Adwords campaigns to track clients and conversions.

CallME! SalesForce IntegrationCRM integration: The CRM Reporting feature lets you push leads directly into your CRM software ready to be followed up by your contact center, for example salesforce Web-to-lead. You can select the CallME! call parameters that are relevant for you and map them to the right fields of your CRM account.

CallME!360: The future of CallME! Click-to-Call

On this site we are beta testing the future of Click-to-Call. Actually Click-to-Call is only a small part of CallME!360: a full featured web contact solution. Calls, Chat requests, Web Contact Forms, Sign-up Forms, Support Forms and Ticketing all become one integrated service, where both operator or prospect/client can switch instantly between voice, live chat and email. Sales/support tickets all integrated in the web site and bring the cleints back to your web site. Feel free to try.

Many businesses added LIVE chat to their web site, but to be honest we have spent many hours per day on-line and rarely see a live operator behind those services. An off-line LIVE chat is just an expensive, not efficient web contact form and it will probably just make you lose business.

About 95% LIVE chat services are off-line... Why?

  1. Your staff has no time to wait for clients to appear on your web site. Murphy's Law says that they will appear the moment you left.
  2. The web is 24/7/365 and most businesses are 9 to 5. This is an issue as more people are on-line on their mobile or tablet at odd hours browsing your business site.
  3. Businesses are better equipped to respond to calls than to respond to LIVE chats.
  4. People are using their mobile or tablet and prefer to talk anyway.

LIVE chat is a very powerful tool to engage prospects and start relationships. Way better than web forms and slow boat email response! By the time your prospect receives your reply, they reviewed a hand full of your competitor sites and they probably already talked to their sales team or worse you lost them forever.

With CallME!360 we provide a solution where a web form is converted in a ticket which can be viewed on-line. The moment an operator is on-line the ticket becomes a LIVE chat bringing clients back to your web site. With one mouse click client or operator switch to a voice using our Click-to-Call.

CallME!360: LIVE chat + Click-to-Call + Ticketing takes away the sharp edges of a simple BLACK/WHITE, OFF-LINE/ON-LINE Live Chat solution. Operators are never ON-LINE waiting for prospects to appear or OFF-LINE 'Sorry, but you can leave us a message...'. They are notified within seconds and can respond to a new or changed ticket, still able to catch the visitor on site or just responding to the ticket.


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