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  • CallME! is the #1 Click-to-Call available and lets you configure any aspect of the call back experience of your web visitors.
  • Choose one of our CSS templates or design one yourself with the look and feel of your web site!
  • Your CallME! widget can open a new window, open a modal or simple display the form in an iFrame in your page. You just select the right button/widget code and drop it in your web page.
  • React now and we waive the set-up fee!
  • No monthly or annual fees! You just pay as you go. Top-up your account and start receiving calls.
  • Easy to set-up, just add a call widget/button to your web, blog or facebook pages!
  • Integrate CallME! with your own CRM software.

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  • November 2013 -- salesforce Web-to-Lead support

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Get your own CallME! Click-to-Call button/widget.

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Call rates

CallME! Click-to-Call connects to any world-wide fixed or mobile number and you just pay the cost of the calls per minute.

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CallME! Click-to-Call comes with an API just ask us to enable it in your account.

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Become a Reseller

We will assist you all the way setting up your CallME! Click-to-Call white label.

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CallME! comes with an admin control panel for setting, call history and managing your service.

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What is Click-to-Call?

Click-to-Call is a service you can add to any web page that lets your web visitors enter their phone number, tab a call button and the Click-to-Call service will instantly call back the web visitor on the entered phone number and connect the call to your mobile or company phone number.

The service is FREE for the web visitor (they receive a call) and you pay for the cost of the call.

+10 reasons to add Click-to-Call to your pages

  1. The Web is highly competitive. Every search gives 10 results. Your business' site is just one of them and your competitors are just one click away. If you not engage a prospect, your competitor will do and get the sales...
  2. People like instant answers. If they do not get them from you, they simply go to next site.
  3. Web contact forms or email just make you lose business, they do not build relationships.
  4. Talking to a prospect is the most powerful sales tool you have!
  5. The easier you make it for clients to contact you the more web leads you get.
  6. Click-to-Call is a low cost feature. Even if you only would get couple new client per month it will easily pay back the few dollars you spend on adding the CallME! Click-to-Call service.
  7. Your client will appreciate the free call back.
  8. Click-to-Call allows you to route calls to any phone number world wide.
  9. You can see the phone number of your client, but your number is private. You can receive calls on your mobile without publishing your number.
  10. For international operating companies, Click-to-Call is a must. Toll free / 800 numbers do not work accross country borders and you will need to set up a toll free number in each country or provide a local number.
  11. More and more clients use their mobile phone and if they are not sure what the call will cost them they might just go to your competitor.
  12. Click-to-Call allows you to define which countries can call you and when they can call you.
  13. Click-to-Call registers each call and as the client initiates the call and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) will not apply.


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